Corporate responsibility for us also includes volunteering 

We are therefore active members of business representatives and bring our experience to the benefit of the general public. 

BDS  Bund der Selbständigen Kirchheim unter Teck 

The BDS is representing the interests of medium-sized companies and contact point for other organizations, for local politics and thus the representation of interests of entrepreneurs and self-employed in the region Additionally, the BDS also supports the promotion of culture to self-employment.  

The BDS offers internal corporate networks and promotes communication as well as social interaction. 

WJ / JCI – Junior Chamber International Germany 

The Junior Chamber International Germany, with more than 10,000 members, is the largest German association of young entrepreneurs and executives. Under the motto “values – knowledge – change” they are the mouthpiece of the young German economy. Under the umbrella association of the Junior Chamber International (JCI) with more than 6,000 local organizations with over 100,000 members, they are among the largest and most influential associations of its kind in the world. The association supports the work of the Junior Entrepreneurs and offers advice, deeds and networks to their young entrepreneurs.

  • Junior Chamber International (JCI)
  • Junior Chamber Germany (WJD)
  • Junior Chamber Stuttgart (WJS)