Beers brew from hops, malt and passion – good, honest beer – crafted 

Craft beer, the craft beer, is in vogue and is finding more and more followers in Germany. Although the consumption of beer in Germany and worldwide is falling, these beers in their hitherto unimagined variety of tastes constantly popular. 

It was exactly this trend that two young skilled brewers and maltsters wanted to use to establish themselves as one of the first suppliers of craft beer in the region. 

With a newly founded brewery they wanted to show that beer is far more capable than the mass production, rather than just quenching the thirst! In a beer factory crafted, high-quality and taste differentiated beer in individual product diversity in compliance with the highest quality standards and using selected, sustainably grown raw materials, possibly from the region, arise. 

Our Task 

The oeconos GmbH was commissioned to support the company founders in preparing for the establishment of the brewery including business plan, financing and market entry. 


The foundation of the brewery took place in the context of a GmbH. A successful market entry with great popularity by private customers and restaurants brought a high profile in the region. 


A special feature was the financing of the start-up capital required for the foundation. Oeconos GmbH has developed an alternative financing model which has helped the founders to obtain a complete financing without being personally responsible for it. This was made possible by the issuance of microcredit. These also ensure good customer loyalty by guaranteeing secured sales. After all, customers receive the loan interest not in money but in the form of tokens, which can be redeemed for the products and services at the company. 


The tax and legal framework for this form of financing had to be scrutinized with tax advisors and lawyers.