Process optimization by the use of IT for more growth potential 

Expertise in comprehensive water issues 

Expansion of the existing software solution through internet-based components 

The German Association for Water, Wastewater and Waste e.V. (DWA) has been committed to the development of safe and sustainable water management for over 50 years. As a politically and economically independent organization, the DWA works in the fields of water management, wastewater, waste and soil protection. 

Every year, a nationwide wastewater treatment plant comparison is carried out, in which the cleaning performance of the individual sewage treatment plants is assessed. In the seven state associations, the data from about 6,000 wastewater treatment plants are gathered, evaluated and compared. 

Yet, the data for the municipal performance comparisons have been manually recorded by the employees of the individual sewage treatment plants, forwarded to the DWA and worked up and published with a great deal of human effort. 

Our Task 

The objective was to optimize that highly personnel and time-consuming data processing. The specification of the complex task was accompanied by oeconos GmbH in the following work packages. 

  • Requirements analysis and creation of a requirement profile 
  • Specification of requirements for the complex requirements of the software 
  • Participation in supplier selection 
  • Coordination and testing of the specification of the software supplier 
  • Monitoring and ongoing testing of the functionalities of the software 
  • Assistance with the acceptance 


  • Significant reduction in personnel and time required 
  • greatly simplified, decentralized data maintenance 
  • Central data storage with improved evaluation options 
  • Standardization of data structures across all national associations