16% cost reduction through the use of innovative information technologies 

Short ways lead to success 

Tour optimization at Bumüller Backbetriebe 

The traditional company Sternenbäck was founded in 1766. Today, more than 1,800 employees in the owner-managed company are among the top 10 German bakeries. 

More than 270 branches are supplied with their own vehicle fleet from the production facilities in Hechingen, Gera, Erfurt and Spremberg. The branches are supplied by the company’s own truck fleet with the help of frame tours. “When exporting our baked goods,” says Peter Gfrörer, “the challenge is to deliver to all stores on time. We want to do that with the least possible cost. “ 


Our Task 

As a vendor-independent consulting company, oeconos GmbH was entrusted with the selection and implementation of the software. As part of the launch, the logic was developed in collaboration with Sternenbäck, which allows the software to optimally distribute the baked goods orders made by the branches to the vehicles and to calculate the minimum cost of tours. 

  • Conversion of ordered goods into weight, packaging and volume units 
  • Compliance with the requirements for the transport of fresh and frozen food 
  • Distribution of delivery items to the vehicles, taking into account the respective technical equipment, volume capacity and weight limit 
  • Observance of all industry and customer-specific features as well as compliance with the driving and rest times 
  • Consideration of the time windows as well as the local characteristics at the delivery 
  • Optimization of the frame and individual tours on the basis of the digital map including the individual personnel and vehicle costs 


  • 16% of the fleet could be saved 
  • Ensuring the punctual delivery of the branches 
  • Significant reduction of personnel and time required for fleet management 
  • Sustainable conservation of the environment through optimal route planning